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Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Report Vol.7

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

This time I would like to introduce the works that distant from Kaiju.

Most of works of HEAD LONG are made by Mr. Akao and I felt in love with Zoddo of Berserk at first sight!

You can find it in KAIJU JAPAN store.

We have now 2 stocks but I’m wondering if 1 of the stocks will be sold as RED TAIL finished product.

What do you think about this balance!

This is perfect molding from any angle and so beautiful that I want to sleep with!

Then, it’s the booth of KRABAT Garage.

The last time I met with Mr. Takezoe was at Amazing Model Expo in Osaka last year. This time, he puts a lot of energy for this event with his Godzilla 1989 Biollante model (30cm size).

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Very attractive characters and dynamic molding, and more, Asu Koubou is a maker that offers preliminary works for the installing lights and wires.

For the DIY lovers, installing lights and wires on resin kit may be amusing but for the most people it is not easy especially for LED lights as resin is hard. So it is really great that it’s ready for the lights installing.

This is a maker that I would like to have the kit in KAIJU JAPAN.


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