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Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Report Vol.5

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Hi! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

Wonder Festival Report Vol.5; entering the latter half of this series!

Godzilla 2014 resin-kit is introduced by 3 makers as a commercial product now; T’s Facto, TANAKAKENICHI, and Shinzen Zokei Kenkyusho.

Mr. Shinzen is famous not only his Godzilla sculpt but also the dinosaur sculptor.

He holds an event collaborated with local town or has a private exhibition.

Shinzen Zokei Kenkyusyo KAIJU JAPAN

             Godzilla 2014 resin kits normal and SD super deformed chibi by Shinzen Zokei KAIJU JAPAN

A series of TAMA (deformation) from Legendary Godzilla is famous product as there is reality in a winsome deformation.

It is available but very limited stock in KAIJU JAPAN!

And now, very popular for the characteristic form is Resin Chef & Team Ukeke.

I met the owner of this maker, Mr. Yamada, very fast in the morning of February 7 at the site.

I talked with Mr. Yamada along a long hallway to the booth area.

In his booth, there are lots of products of really unique sculptors like Mr. Bill Gudmundson.

The big work and dioramas are also their forte, so they have various funs.


This is popular maker so we have very limited stock. If you interested, please click here↓

Resin Chef & Team Ukeke resin kits.

A quick digression but the site of Wonder Festival was very huge, then it was difficult to go to the next area.

And more, there were lots of temptation, so it takes a time…

In fact, I forgot to change my boots in the morning, I tried to go to the car to take my shoes but just before arriving the parking I realized that I left my key at the booth!

As I already took much time at the booth areas before, I gave up the idea to change by boots and I leave to wear my rain boots whole day!

No one has an eye to my foot anyway.


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