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KAIJU JAPAN - Original Godzilla Model Kits from Japan -

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Report Vol.4

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

This is one of the booth that I was looking for.

A collaboration booth of Asai Zokei and Monster Maker 28 (MM28). 

            Monster Maker 28 godzilla resin kits KAIJU JAPAN

             Monster Maker 28 MM28 Rodan resin kit KAIJU JAPAN

Mr. Atsushi Asai and Mr. Shunsuke Niwa.

Their works are indeed brilliant but their produce is also very fascinating.

They are interesting men and their talks were really pleasant with a sense of fun, so I feel their humor from the works as well.

    Monster Maker 28 MM28 Rodan resin kit Wonder Festival KAIJU JAPAN

It is very pity but most of their resin kits are often sellout shortly after the release.

At the moment, KAIJU JAPAN is offering Kaiju Disease 50cm Series- Godzilla King Kong model (Kingoji).

Kingoji is highly popular in Japan and abroad.

This Godzilla is such a big with strong presence; I think it might be looks very sharp to display in American big and high-selling room than in Japanese tiny room.

Godzilla 2 (1955) / Godzilla Raids Again (Gyaku-Godzi) will be added in 50cm Series soon. Don’t miss it!

Then, a hot maker in KAIJU JAPAN now is TANAKA KENICHI!!


As a sculptor and a director, Mr. Tanaka’s works attract lots of fun here and abroad, and especially Godzilla 2014 (Legendary Godzilla) is one of the most popular items in KAIJU JAPAN.

    Godzilla 2014 resin kit TANAKA KENNICHI KAIJU JAPAN

As a matter of fact, he began sculpt of Godzilla only 3 years ago!

Personally I have high hopes for him, as he will definitely become more skillful sculptor.

  GMK Godzilla resin kit TANAKA KENNICHI

Wonder Festival report still continues!


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