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Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Report Vol.3

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

This time, the report begins with T’s Facto, which is a popular in KAIJU JAPAN as well.


The owner and sculptor of T’s Facto is Mr. Yamawaki who once received a famous award as hotel employee!

He has really magnetic personality as he is sincere and service-minded person and enthusiastic about various things.

Regarding his creating activity, he makes not only Godzilla but also the creature-related monster like the specter (Yokai), diorama and others. Then he energetically holds the exhibition.


As the works of T’s Facto have many fans from abroad, I think he is one of the most scenic molds making sculptor.

Resale model Godzilla vs Zilla drew especially one’s eyes in the booth.


It was not realized in the movie but it has tremendous impact as if I could see the scene and hear the music!

You will find more pictures and details here↓

Next, the booth of Mr. Ryu Oyama who is recently very much talked about as a “genius”.


Unfortunately, I found only Godzilla King Kong model (Kingozi) for the Kaiju related model.

He is not selling Ryu Oyama named kit but he makes commercial prototype for the makers.

Just to tell you that this is the works I shed on without a reason last year.

I’m looking forward to seeing his next works!


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