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Wonder Festival 2016 Winter Report Vol.2

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This is a report of the other booths at the Wonder Festival 2016 winter (held on Feb. 7).

I would like to start with a booth for the Guignol Zokei Kobo of Mr. Yoshino.

Very dynamic booth!

Mr. Yoshino was coming to RED TAIL booth several times to see finishing models, even before the open!

Guignol (hand puppet) sculptor Mr. Yoshino makes one of a kind works for his his collection or by an order.

This is the most luxurious fun!!

It has tremendous impact like a movie set.

It was very impressive that Mr. Yoshino himself demonstrated his Godzilla with explanation really pleasantly like a little boy.

I posted the video on KAIJU JAPAN’s Facebook page on February 7.

Please look for it!

The figures made by Mr. Yoshino are movable or with lightning, so indeed, they are quite high quality.

His booth entire has one concept diorama, lightning and acoustic system, it was as I watched a show!

I learn a lot about the way of display from his booth!!

Personally I like diorama!

My favorite at the moment is ”KAIJU CONFERENCE at the Base of Mt. Fuji” by Image.

Image is a maker specialized in deformation and he creates figures in a series which attracts lots of Japanese fans to collect.

This time, Image could not run a booth at Wonder Festival as he has not chosen by lot but he was coming to the event as a guest and dropped in RED TAIL booth.

Image will exhibit at the event in Akihabara on coming April.

More details will be coming!


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