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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

Today, I would like to introduce one of the important tools for finishing a resin kit: Modeling brush by TAMIYA.

Most of parts of resin kit are painted with airbrush, but not finished without the brush.

For example, this Godzilla’s eye ball is painted with a fine point brush.

Godzilla, eye ball, RED TAIL

This pattern is also painted with the fine point brush. What a hard work!

Predator, RED TAIL

At KAIJU JAPAN, TAMIYA’s modeling brush is strong seller.

For Example,

Modeling Brush Basic Set, TAMIYA

TAMIYA Modeling Brush Basic Set #87066 for beginners.

TAMIYA, Modeling Brush #87048

High Finish Pointed Brush Ultra Fine TAMIYA MODELING BRUSH HF #87048


Or it is little bit expensive but high quality: TAMIYA MODELING BRUSH PROII #87175

This brush’s bristle material is kolinsky sable hair, which means really high quality, comfortable writing and less hair falls.

TAMIYA’s modeling brush is japan quality and last a long time so it’s high cost performance brush.

KAIJU JAPAN offers the most reasonable price, less than ebay or other online store price as we try simple packaging.

For USA, delivery will be between 7 to 12 days after ordering.

How about get a TAMIYA modeling brush to finish your favorite Made in Japan Godzilla?


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