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Shin Godzilla from Godzilla Resurgence appeared in Dotonbori Osaka!!

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Shin Godzilla appeared in the center of Osaka, Dotonbori together with the main actor Hiroki Hasegawa and actress Satomi Ishikawa in the end of July.

Shin Godzilla - Godzilla Resurgence - movie event

The movie Godzilla Resurgence already gained positive comments on TV and the internet.

Approximately 60 years has passed since the first Godzilla movie, called as Shogoji in Japan, was released in 1954.

28 movies have been produced in Godzilla series drawing more than 100 millions of audience in total.

This Japan-made Shin Godzilla released after 12 years is a totally new GODZILLA produced by Director Hideaki Anno who had worked on Evangelion series.

Shin Godzilla - Godzilla Resurgence - movie event in Osaka

Shinji Higuchi served as a special technique director. He is known for ”Japan Sinks,"  "Attack on Titan," and other popular films.

This new movie realistically represents the alarm evoked by this monster by drawing current Japan.

Surprisingly, 8000 people were present at the site!!

Hasegawa started his speach with a joke "Hello, Osaka! I'm Hiroki Hasegawa, the manager of Satomi Ishihara" focusing on Satomi's higher recognition.

He continued as "You will be overwhelmed by all CG Godzilla and stunned after watching this movie. 

Shin Godzilla was created by the top staff in Japanese movie industry.

There is a line ”Japan can do more" and this movie gave proof of the words.

The story has lots of human drama. I hope people in Osaka will warm up this Shin Godzilla movement!

Thank you! Thank you!"

Godzilla Resurgence - Shin Godzilla - movie promotion Attack on Osaka

Then Satomi followed; "This is my first time of speaking in front of this large audience!

Osaka is the place where I lived alone away from my parents.

I have a sense of affinity and feel relief."

She also made an appeal, "I was under pressure while taking the movie but realized that every one who watches this movie has each different impression. You may want to concentrate very much considering the amount of information in the story."

While Satomi was speaking on the boat, Godzilla appeared with a detonating sound.

"This seems Osaka model Godzilla!!" Satomi explained like this looking at Godzilla's golden teeth!!

Godzilla in the past movie series frequently attacked Osaka city, but this was the first time for people in Osaka to meet Godzilla!!

Shin Godzilla - Godzilla Resurgence - came on screen on July 29th in Japan!!