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Rodan 1956 TOHO KAIJU New resin kit release from MONSTER MAKER 28 MM28

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

Here is a new model resin 

kit of Rodan (Radon)!!

Radon (Rodan), Giant Monster of the Sky

Produced by Monster Maker 28

Sculpted by Shunsuke Tanba

Size: Height; 35 cm/ 13.7 inch , Width; 56.5cm/ 22.2 inch

The second newest model of this year from Monster Maker 28 is the figure of first generation Radon (Rodan), Giant Monster of the Sky.

With its powerful standing pose and wings widely expanded the figure displays a powerful message such as the size of the Radon (Rodan) looks bigger and stronger than the pictures seen above.

The resin sculptor Mr. Tanba was having hard time building the basic figure shape, especially on the wings shape itself and detail within the wings.

Because of Radon’s (Rodan) characteristic of standing with two legs and able to fly, the balance of the size was harder to design.

The resin figure maker did a detailed job on every step to make the Radon (Rodan) real life for example figure.

But because of resin makers policy, you will be able to see the Radon (Rodan) is going to move in a moment.

Finally, one of famous characters in Godzilla movies, this sky giant monster is ready to come to your Godzilla.

I believe it makes your figures brighter than before.



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