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KAIJU JAPAN - Original Godzilla Model Kits from Japan -

Make your original Godzilla pottery plate!

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN!

Here’s an interesting item I’d like to introduce.

Original GODILLA Pottery Plate kit – 16 colors


Here’s a movie to show how to make a plate.

You can copy your favorite image on the pottery plate and make your original one.

After heating in the oven, the plate can be used as tableware.

However, I recommend to use this as a plate for your favorite figure!!


Of course, you can draw your favorite images and make an original plate using these pens.



 1. Decide the image and prepare paper with the image.

 2. Cut the original papre and tracing paper to fit on the plate.

 3. Clean the plate

 4. Fix the tracing paper, then original paper and tape them.

 5. Trace the image

 6. Remove the tapes and trace the draft image on the place.

 7. If the line sticks off, you can erace it with tissue or cotton swab.

 8. Pre-heat the oven to 446 F (230C)

 9. Put the plate in the oven and heat it at 446F for 20 min.

10. Take out the plate and cool it down for 60 min.

11. If you want stronger color, re-paint the parts and heat again.

12. When you wash the plate, gently wash with hand or soft sponge.