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How to paint KAIJU kit MOTHRA resin kit sample painting on the prototype by RED TAIL

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

Last night, I posted on facebook some pictures of new Mothra prototype (original model) by Kaiju Labo DAIMOS, 

and said RED TAIL was going to paint it.

Mothra prototype by DAIMOS to be painted by RED TAIL. KAIJU JAPAN

I wanted to show step-by-step process, but he was too fast to follow and it's already done!

I took some videos, though!!

This is the original model (prototype) so he just started painting. 

No pre-work on this.

First process is to paint with darker color around the edges.

Apply clear brown lacquer paint on the entire body of Mothra. 

While I was away for shopping, he already finished painting on the base(;´・ω・)

The red letters says "Mothra" in Japanese Katakana.

And while I was working on PC for some time, he already finished dry brush part!!

And the item was done!!

Please enjoy completed model by Kaiju Finisher RED TAIL

It seems I missed some of the important processes, but I hope you enjoy movies v(*^ ^*)v




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