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Godzilla vs King Ghidohra 9 inch resin kit by DAIMOS

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

One customer sent a message and he is looking for a Biollante Godzilla, known as Biogoji in Japan.

Yes! We hove some, but they are really rare and Expensive.

Yuji Sakai 55cm (22"): appears once in 5 years in Yahoo Auction Japan and the price rises near $4,000.

Image 35cm (14"): really heavy figure and if we put a price, it would be $1,500.

Masao Inoue 50cm (20"): assembled by Mr. Inoue himself. Maybe around $,5000.

So, we offer another model; Godzilla vs King Giddra.

These are both Heisei Godzilla (a name of Japanese era) and looks very similar.

This is a 9 inch resin kit produced by DAIMOS (Sculptor: Hiroshi Murkami).

DAIMOS web album

Sample painting by RED TAIL.

The mold is very fine and delicate.

I took video and put on YouTube.

KAIJU JAPAN YouYube (Godzilla vs King Giddra)

I'm thinking of Cyber Monday sale on KAIJU JAPAN site, so this time I make a special offer.

$280 including shipping to the US by EMS!!!!

What would he say??





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