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Godzilla Resurgence Review - Shin Godzilla on Screen today in JAPAN!!!

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* This article is translation from below news!!

Shin Godzilla movie - Godzilla Resurgence -

Shin Godzilla - Godzilla Resurgence - directed by Hideaki Anno came to screen today in Japan (July 29th, 2016) and  is winning a rave review. 

It's proven to be a masterpiece to be name in Godzilla history with some fans moved to tears.

”TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku (Tokyo)" ran Shin Godzilla film right after the midnight of July 28th.

They screened the film on 3 large screens at the same time and drew in many fans after the last train left.

Some people posted comments on the internet after watching Shin Godzilla. 

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- Review and comments on Godzilla Resurgence

"I surely saw Godzilla!!"

"You should watch it before someone tell you about the story."

"I just watched Shin Godzilla. Just applauding!"

"Shin Godzilla is just amazing!!! I can never stop writing about it"

"Just good! So good!!"

"Shin Godzilla was awesome!! I'll go for the second round!"

"This is the most appealing Godzilla to our hart"

"Thank you director Anno! I'm glad that I'm alive today!"

"Fierce, new, and terrific Godzilla has come! You've gotta experience the consternation and buzz that could blow your brain!"

"Shin Godzilla is amazing!"

- Fans' expectations for the next installment

As the ending of Shin Godzilla implies the following story, expectant voices were heard;”This is the framing for the movies with next installment." and "I can't wait to see Shin Godzilla 2." 

There also were some dry takes such as "The actors read in monotone voice.” but others see it positively; "That wooden voice makes it appear to be Japanese Tokusatsu movie!.

- Comment by 81 year old Godzilla Fan

"Though Godzilla is a imaginary monster, people all over the world started unconsciously recognizing it as a actual living thing in its long history. Therefore, We sometimes break out in goose bumps at seeing creature appearing motion.

We feel the LIVING Godzilla in the screen. I felt chills run down my spine when Shin Godzilla did XXXX to YYYY!"

If you are not a Tokusatsu movie fan, Shin Godzilla might be worth watching!!

Today, we are standing at the beginning of this old and brand new monster!!