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Godzilla 1995 Destoroyah Model 12″ resin kit by GODZILLA DREAM

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Hello! This is Kaiju Japan.

New Release information!

12″ resin kit Godzilla 1995 Destoroyah Model (Desgozi) HongKong landing will be released from GODZILLA DREAM by Yuji SAKAI.

This is made for 20th memorial of the movie “Godzilla and Destoroyah”.

Godzilla 1995 Destoroyah model, Desgoji, Sakai Yuji

Hight: 31cm (12inch)

Produced by Godzilla Dream

Sculpted by Yuji Sakai

They have 3 different types of kit set:

  • Ivory resin kit set
  • Premium kit set (Ivory resin kit + mouth closed head)
  • all clear resin kit set

*This is not assembled and unpainted resin kit.

Godzilla 1995 Destoroyah model, Desgoji, Yuji Sakai

Godzilla 1995 destoroyah model, desgoji, Sakai Yuji

additional head for Premium set

Godzilla 1995 destoroyah model, Desgoji, Sakai Yuji, resin kit

If you interested please contact us.

For Godzilla 1995 Destoroyah model, at Kaiju Japan shop, we have 8″ Godzilla clear soft vinyl kit 1995 Destoroyah model by Yuji Sakai.

Godzilla 1995, clear soft vinyl kit

We have another model of Godzilla finished by RED TAIL finisher etc. Please feel free to visit our website



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