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First Generation Godzilla 1954 Resin Kit Now On Sale

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Look!! I found Godzilla and a plain figure!

First Generation Godzilla 1954

Produced by GOWROW

Sculpted by Yukimune Atari

Size: Height; about 31 cm/ 12.2 inch

Length; about 65 cm/ 25.6 inch


This first generation Godzilla is a bigger figure than usual one that you can find.

That is why; you can see the details of the first generation Godzilla.

You can see that his small ears on his side head and his teeth are more like a crocodile.

His eye brows part is clearly shown on the face which I think it’s cute and make his character more favorable.

His fingers, skin, and vertical fins are detailed work.

The actual Godzilla suit in the movie is heavier than any other Godzilla suits in movies.

So, you can see that his thick tail and huge thighs on this figure are similar to the original Godzilla suit which makes feelings of his heaviness of his body.

Don’t forget about the airplane part too! Because of size of the airplane, the Godzilla looks like really big huge monster.

This first generation Godzilla resin kit is organized by 31 pieces including the airplane.

You can enjoy this Godzilla figure with and or without the airplane.


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