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DORI-TAMA series No,1 — CHIKISAI Monster Meeting at the foot of Mt. FUJI by G Shop image

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I found really unique Resin-kit of Godzilla, Radon (Rodan), and Mothra.

DORI-TAMA series #1

Produced by G Shop image

Size: Godzilla; 10 cm/ 4 inch, Radon(Rodan); 10 cm/ 4 inch, Mothra; 10 cm/ 4 inch , PLUS Base plate. 


Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan resin kit by Image

his figure has a pretty funny theme.

In the movie “Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster,” Godzilla, Radon (Rodan), and Mothra fought together against King Ghidorah.

At first, Mothra asked them to fight together, but Godzilla and Radon (Rodan) didn’t want to fight especially with each other.

Then, Mothra fought King Ghidorah by himself, but he lost at first.

Then Godzilla and Radon (Rodan) decided to fight together.

This figure is not same as the scene in the movie.

This is completely the sculptor’s imagination.

In his mind, they are talking like this.

Mothra: Let’s save protect the earth together!!

Godzilla: Hah!? No way!

Radon (Rodan): You go and fight yourself!!

Mothra: Nooo…..Please…..

This figure maker is always thinking about how to enjoy building and displaying figures with who loves these monsters.

This is one of his challenges of being Resin-kit maker, but also he is having fun to make this figure and thinking about you also enjoying these cute three monster’s meeting.


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