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19" Keizer Ghidorah Resin Kit by GowRow

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

The biggest Ghidorah in Godzilla world, Keizer Ghidorah’s Resin-kit is now on sale!

Keizer Ghidorah

Produced by GOWROW

Sculpted by Yukimune Atari

Size: Height; about 34 cm/ 13.4 inch

Length; about 48 cm/ 18.9 inch

Width; about 50 cm/ 19.7 inch

The strongest Ghidorah in Godzilla movies is Keizer Ghidorah but you probably know already.

Not only in titles in movies, this figure is also bigger than usual Ghidora resin figures and detailed one you may able to find for yourself.

Keizer Ghidorah has four legs, two tails, and of course with three heads.

In Godzilla movies, usual Ghidorahs’ sizes are around 50 to 60 meter/ 164 to 197 ft, but Keizer Ghidorah is about 150 meter/ 492 ft.

Because of the big body and shape, I guess it was difficult to make a figure look like Keizer Ghidorah in the movie.

However, surprisingly this figure gives you the feeling of that this monster is evilly strong and this imaginary monster exists in the world somewhere else.

You may be able to feel the heaviness of the body and powerful standing pose just even looking.

The sculptor, Mr. Yukimune Atari was focus on every details, such as skin, the faces, legs’ nails, two wings, and everything he did on the kit is balanced and elaborated work.

I can think that every one of you who got this resin kit, no one want to get any other Keizer Ghidorah’s resin figure.


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