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13" GODZILLA 1964 - Impending Giant Monster - Resin Model Kit TANAKA KENNICHI

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New resin model kit "GODZILLA 1964 - Impending Giant Monster - has been revealed from TANAKA STUDIO!!

This is called as Mosugoji in Japan from the movie Godzilla vs Mothra (Mosura as called in Japan).

This posture is sculpted based on an illustration "Impending Giant Monster" by Yuji Kaida in 1983 .

This picture gained prominence after it was used on the box picture of GODZILLA product in "Tokusatsu Collection" by BANDAI


Sculpted by Kennichi Tanaka

Unbuilt / Unpainted model kit

Material : resin

Approx height: 13"

With Base

Head part is clear.

You can realize the vague eyes painting on this GODZILLA 1964 gazing at Mothra.

GODZILLA 1964 - Impending Giant Monster- will be released at Japanese biggest model kit & figure event, Wonder Festival  2017 Winter on Feb 18th

We have secured 2 pieces and started taking pre-orders!!

First come, first served

Don't miss it!!

KAIJU model kit dealers at Wonder Festival 2017 Winters

- GODZILLA DREAM (Yuji Sakai Zokei Koubo)

Asai Zokei

T's Facto




Resin Chef and Team Ukeke


Shinzen Zokei


Monster Maker 28 (MM28)

Yamakawa Zokei

and more!!

love from Japan



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