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"GODZILLA version 2000" resin model kit by T's Facto x Yasushi Nirasawa "EVOLUTION" is back!

Posted by Ritz on

After 10 years, "EVOLUTION" resin model kit by T's Facto came back!!

This resin model kit is released in 2007 from T's Facto as a sculpted concept Godzilla based on illustration by Yasushi Nirawasa.

This time, this villain is named "GODZILLA version 2000"

Many fans of T's Facto have requested to resale this model kit, but it was a long way to come to get copyright for this kind of imaginary Godzilla.

 Finally we can release this beautiful Godzilla to the fans!!

イメージ 1

イメージ 2
イメージ 3
イメージ 4
イメージ 5

Scheduled delivery will be in early March. 

KAIJU JAPAN started taking pre-orders with special discount!

Please don't miss it!

Love from Japan,



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