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23 feet huge Shin Godzilla Statue made of Straw appeared in a cosmos field in Fukuoka Japan

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In the middle of a cosmos field in Fukuoka Prefecture Japan , huge Shin Godzilla 7 meters height and 10 meters length made of straw  has emerged.

About 220 people volunteer worked in accordance with the local autumn festival.

The brave figure as in the movie Godzilla Resurgence that got favorite reception appeared.

This straw Shin Godzilla follows the details of the original model sculpted by Takayuki Takeya.

This huge Shin Godzilla will be in public until early December.

Last fall, they exhibited the straw of the huge wild boar, and got great reputation on the Internet. 

They were expected to create a greater straw statue this year and was planning mammos first.

However, the great hit of Godzilla Resurgence changed their plan and they decided to make Shin Godzilla statue.


It took 2 months and a half or them to complete the shape of the muscles and dorsal fin.

They reproduced the epic to the tail of the bending condition.

Mr. Kazunori Nishimoto (49) of the furniture craftsman who directed the production "curve portion was expressed by using bamboos that was curve roasted in the fire in the framework. 

"Our purpose is make the audience surprised and happy" he talks.


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