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Customer's Work MDA SD Godzilla 1964 (KITORA) by Jeremy Soles (Summit Kaiju)

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Let me introduce one of our customers' work!

MDA Godzilla 1964 (Kitora x Shinji Nishikawa) in Summit Kaiju project KAIJU JAPAN

Name : Jeremy Soles (USA)


Item : MDA SD Godzilla 1964


Price : US$190 (finished by KAIJU Finisher RED TAIL)

Sculptor's Comment

Takeshi Oka (KITORA)

Thank you for your great work using MDA Godzilla 1964. 

This has good classic "Showa" impression with Mothra parent & child and nice diorama.

I feel your love and passion for Godzilla!

Please continue working on Godzilla! I'm looking forward to your next work! 


This resin kit is the first release in MDA (Mash Deformer Art Project) by Shinji Nishikawa x Image x Kitora.

The sculptors Tamal (Image) and Takeshi Oka (KITORA) sculpted Godzilla based on Shinji Nishikawa's illustration!

MDA Godzilla 1964 (Kitora x Shinji Nishikawa) in Summit Kaiju project KAIJU JAPAN

The kit comes with the original illustration with the autograph by Shinji Nishikawa.

Of course, I can get the sculptor's autograph on it if you'd like to!

This item is sold as a finished item (built & painted figure).

Jeremy ordered finishing by RED TAIL, the Kaiju Finisher.

MDA Godzilla 1964 (Kitora x Shinji Nishikawa) in Summit Kaiju project KAIJU JAPAN

I'm glad our item is used in Summit Kaiju's project!

As many of you may already know, Summit Kaiju dispatches information about Godzilla & Kaiju items & events, especially on X-Plus products.

Please check!!

Summit Kaiju website 

Summit Kaiju on facebook

Summit Kaiju on twitter

Summit Kaiju on Instagram

See ya!


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