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Shin Godzilla Movie Review

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This is Ritz, the owner of Kaiju Japan.

Finally, I managed to take time to watch the Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence)!


After securing a seat in good position, I hang around the goods shop until the movie started.

The store was full of Godzilla goods when we stopped by last time, but at once the shelves are nearly empty!

Magazines, figures, stationeries have been largely sold out.

empty selves

It was wise of me I bought some goods.

Godzilla goods

Godzilla goods are available as prizes for the crane games, typical sub-culture of Japan,  There are some stuffed toys and towels left.)

Godzilla crane gameGodzilla toy

I wish I was good at playing crane games. I didn’t try as it would be a waste of money.

Godzilla towel

I imagined the screen hall was empty in the daytime on a weekday. But I found more people than I expected such as parents and kids, couples, and solitary women,

I was so much looking forward to watching Shin Godzilla on the big screen.

This is the first Japanese-made Godzilla I witness since I launched KAIJU JAPAN.

So far, the image of Shin Godzilla has been revealed. Its prototype has been exposed. Major makers have started to release Godzilla goods.

Finally, in November onwards, masters of Japan’s pride will start to release their own ‘Shin Godzillas’.

Granted that you, Godzilla fans, already know as Shin Godzilla figures have been commercialized, I a bit reveal the story: Shin Godzilla continues to evolve its form throughout in the movie.

Here is my drawing of the second form. Luckily, I don’t have an artistic sense.

.Riz's drawing

Shin Godzilla has different ways of action and functions from previous Godzillas.

While watching the movie, I was excited to expand imagination, telling myself, “This prototype master would reconstruct this scene”, “That master might create deformations based on that scene”. “I wonder the maker would release a new Godzilla serious on this form.”

Even those who are not Godzilla fans would enjoy the story.

Satires on Japanese politics and administration were realistic.

This movie objectively describes how Japan responds to "unprecedented national crisis" that this nation is actually experiencing, in relation with the United States and the in the reality of current military capability.

Evolution of Godzilla as a living creature described from a biological point of view was also interesting

I have heard this movie will be released in the United States by the end of this year.

I look forward  to hearing reviews of Godzilla Resurgence by Godzilla fans or movie fans in America.

Reviews and opinions from those who watched the movie are more than welcome! 


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