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Shin Godzilla 2016 10" PVC figure BOY RIC limited Godzilla Resurgence X-Plus

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May fans who got excited in 2014 couldn't help but expect the Original Godzilla in Japan to be revived in 2 years. 

However, the monster in that country was created with the cutting edge of technology.

That unforeseen full CG monster threatened Japanese fans and film makers before the release of Godzilla 2016.

We all were in suspense about the candidates for directors after 12 years from Final Wars.
We later new that they were the best to create new Godzilla in the end. 

However, we all had been anxious about the reputation of the movie because the previous special-effect movie didn't  achieve a satisfactory outcome.

The anxiety ended on the day of the movie release!

 Shin Godzilla blew up all our anxiety..

What were that shoe-button eyes.!?

The evolution to the 4th form dramatized the story with fear.

The movie screen silently tells the audience that "Shin" can imply any meaning of new, true, and God.

The red from the body was not blood but atomic fission. 
Terribly long tail has more volume than the body itself

The real meaning of the myth of the bone on the top of the tail is still unknown. 

Once this monster run berserk, he becomes invincible. 

Uncountable number of light emission and the violent tail moving as if it has own will.  
What the hell is this creature!!

Far extending imagination backed up by the sound track.
That common melody followed by the sound by Mr. Ifukube.

The original model was launched earlier but the detailed picture could not been checked before the release date of the movie.
As a result, over 30% was modified after the launch of movie that caused large delay in the release of this figure.

Some makers already released their Shin Godzilla.

Our following Godzilla can beat them?

This Shin Godzilla TOHO Large Monster Series Figure BOY RIC limited edition comes with 2 compatible heads; one is normal and another is heat emission version.

The normal version got some purple before light emission, and roaring version is painted like membrana nictitans as protection coat. 

Please enjoy this new Shin Godzilla figure from TOHO Large Monster Series.

Shin Godzilla 2016 TOHO Large Monster Series RIC Limited


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