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S.H. MonsterArts Shin Godzilla 2016 BANDAI now on sale!

Posted by Ritz on


Shin Godzilla action figure came into the market in Japan!!


This is Godzilla 2016 from Godzilla Resurgence by BANDAI in its' S.H. MonsterArts (another line of S.H. FiguArts).

The height is 7 inches, looking much larger with its' dynamic posture and long tail.

I feel this Shin Godzilla is more than ACTION FIGURE with many moving points allowing us to make any posture we like.

The above picture is a screenshot of Godzilla Resurgence when Shin Godzilla emits a lightning from its' month and tail.

Maybe some of you can't help thinking of embedding some lights.

Yes, Takayuki Takeya, the sculptor of Shin Godzilla 2016 of S.H. MonsterArts tried wiring and lightning in this action figure.

He worked with HOBBY JAPAN, one of the most popular Japanese magazine about models.

They made a special clear version of this Shin Godzilla figure for his trial.

Mr. Takeya installed wiring in Shin Godzilla 's body through tail to make it emit light.

Whole process is introduced in HOBBY JAPAN Oct. 2016 edition.

This HOBBY JAPAN edition has total 45 pages regarding Godzilla Resurgence including this S.H. MonsterArts.


This edition covers G-Fest XXIII 2016!!

 I found my regular customer and good friend with his fantastic works!!

When you purchase this GODZILLA 2016 S.H. MONSTERARTS at KAIJU JAPAN and make some changes such as lighting, please send some pictures!!

I'll introduce your work in Customer's Works page!!

Now, KAIJU JAPAN has wide variety of Shin Godzilla items and will add many more!!

Please stay tuned!!


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