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Packaging - Destroyah flying to US and Kikaider to France -

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

Cyber Monday - X'mas sale has started in KAIJU JAPAN online store and many items have left and some are ready to depart on Monday.

I'd like to show how I package fragile items for international shipping.

Japanese sellers are generally good at packing even for domestic shipping.

I try to reduce shock during delivery as much as possible.

Usually, I use cushioning material around the item and put in the original box.

Then, put the original box in a vinyl bag.

Then lay the original box in a larger box with stuff like newspapers.

Sometimes your item comes with my letter❤

During sale, I put shop card with 10% off coupon good until Dec 25th.

Then I carefully tape the box and put fragile stickers.

I always pay full attention to package with standard "Even if the item is delivered broken, the buyer may think "oh this is not seller's fault but the forwarder's.""

So, I have received many THANK YOU message but never received complaints about packaging.

One more thing, I highly recommend to choose EMS that is very fast, safe, and come with insurance (by me).

Last year the delivery to the US was terrible due to the West coast strike.

It took more than 3 months for delivery by SAL.

I hope it's not the same this year but EMS is the most reliable way.

I'm waiting for your inquiries and orders❤

Have a great weekend!