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HUGE!! Godzilla vs. Zilla Resin-kit Resale from T's Facto

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Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.

Resale information!!

T’s Facto resales the “Godizlla vs. Zilla” resin-kit (original 2006) for the first time in a decade.

From "GODZILLA FINAL WARS"(2004),never realized in the movie, GODZILLA and ZILLA's "Extreme Battle" has been recreated!!

Finished Godzilla's body has stability so that it stands itself.

Zilla is attacking with jumping kick from the sky, and Godzilla take on Zilla's attack without flinching.

Enjoy their Extreme Battle!!

T's Facto 20" Godzilla vs Zilla resin kit

Produced by T's Facto
Sculpted by Takashi Yamawaki
overall Height: 51.0 cm (20.1 inches) [Godzilla: 25.0 cm (9.8 inches)]

T's Facto 20" GODZILLA vs ZILLA Resin Kit

At Wonder Festival 2016 winter (Feb. 7, 2016 at Makuhari Messe), you have a chance to see the finished figure.

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