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Customer's Work: Godzilla 2014 by TANAKA KENNICHI (Ta2Pro)

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Name: ta2pro (USA)


Item : Godzilla 2014


Price : US$400

Sculptor's Comment


thank you for finishing Godzilla 2014.

I've seen your work before on KAIJU JAPAN's facebook page and found it a very careful work.

I sometimes see Godzilla 2014 with teeth and nails painted in ivory and gum in red like Japanese Godzilla, but I received the impression that you finished this kit thoroughly examining the monster in the movie.

I'm really glad that you faithfully reproduced Godzilla 2014 while finishing as I did while sculpting this.

I'm looking forward to seeing your next work!!

Very dynamic sculpting!!

I'm also interested in the figures behind Godzilla 2014.

Thank you Joe!

When you finish a kit you purchased from KAIJU JAPAN, please send some pictures!

We will get sculptor's comment and introduce our site!!!


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