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Customer's Work: Godzilla 1962 The king of Monster - Kaiju Oh Kingoji - DAIMOS

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Godzilla 1964 resin kit DAIMOS - KAIJU JAPAN -

Name :Pred Piccolo (USA)

Item: Godzilla 1962

Maker: Kaiju Labo DAIMOS

Price: $499.00 shipped

Sculptor's comment!

Hiroshi Murakami (Kaiju Labo DAIMOS)

Thank you for purchasing and finishing my item!!

Your technique including dry-brushing is amazing!! You painted this Godzilla in awesome color.

I'm really glad you love and enjoy this kit!!

If you have purchased a kit from KAIJU JAPAN, please send some pictures when you finish!!

We will get the sculptor's comment and introduce in our site!!

Thank you!


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