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KAIJU JAPAN - Original Godzilla Model Kits from Japan -


Godzilla vs King Ghidohra 9 inch resin kit by DAIMOS

Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.One customer sent a message and he is looking for a Biollante Godzilla, known as Biogoji in Japan.Yes! We hove some, but they are really rare and Expensive.Yuji Sakai 55cm (22"): appears once in 5 years in Yahoo Auction Japan and the price rises near $4,000.Image 35cm (14"): really heavy figure [...]

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MASTERPIECE!! 11 inch ZODDO (BERSERK) urethan resin kit by HEADLONG.

Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN!KAIJU JAPAN started takin pre orders for ZODDO resin kit. first lot released by HEADLONG was sold out before log.This is the pre-order for the second production.The maker accept orders until Dec. 10, 2015, then produce kits, and ship out after February 2016.11 inch / 28 cm.1/8 scale but this volume [...]

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Godzilla 1955/ Godzilla Raids Again / Gigantis, The Fire Monster

Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN!!Today, I'll introduce some resin kits of 2nd Godzilla known as "GYAKUGOJI" in Japan.Godzilla Raids Again / Gigantis, The Fire Monster resin kits by famous Japanese sculptors.1. Atsushi Asai2. Masayoshi Hatanaka3. Yuji Sakai4. Takashi Yamawaki5. Takao YamakawaThis classic Godzilla is somehow awkward and reminds me old Showa era.Godzilla 1955 resin kits [...]

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Godzilla 1964 kits a.k.a Garage Kit in Japan

Here are some prominent resin kits of Godzilla vs Mothra by Japanese Sculptors.1. Yuji Sakai (20cm)2. Masao Inoue (Inoue Arts / 30cm)3. Hiraku Takezoe (Krabat Garage/ 30cm)4. Hiroshi Murakami (DAIMOS / 30cm)5 Shunsuke Niwa (Monster Maker 28 / 30cm)6. Yuji Sakai (1m)The sculptors are inspired by the same godzilla model, but their works appear different!!Thanks!Love,Ritz------------------------------------------------KAIJU JAPAN

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Representative Godzilla 1954 resin kits a.k.a. Garage Kits in Japan

Some of the 1st Godzilla resin kits by famous Japanese sculptors.1. Tadao Inoue2. Hiroshi Murakami3. Yukimune Atari4. Takashi Yamawaki5. Yuji SakaiThank you!Love,Ritz------------------------------------------------KAIJU JAPAN

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18" RAOH & 16" REI vinyl action figures "Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)"

Hello!It's been raining this week in Japan but I'm happy today!I found really good vinyl action figure of RAOH and REI in Yahoo Auction Japan last week.They are finally here!!!The sculpting is really beautiful and the statues are well balanced.I didn't know but their head and shoulder protectors are movable!! (but just a little)I was [...]

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Hello!! This is KAIJU JAPAN

Hello!!My name is Ritz and I live in Japan.If you are a big fan of Godzilla, Kaiju, and other Japanese animation and or toys, this is the place to visit!!I'll introduce Japanese masterpieces of Godzilla/Kaiju resin kits, action figures, vinyl figures, & toys.Please visit our website as well!KAIJU JAPAN website JAPAN on facebook JAPAN on [...]

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Opening Space Godzilla by T's Facto 12 inch resin kit review by KAIJU JAPAN

Hello! This is KAIJU JAPAN.I shipped out a incredible resin cast kit of Space Godzilla for NY.!! This is an unassembled/unpainted resin kit!!If you'd like to get this as completed figure, please check our FINISHING service. voluminous Space Godzilla in an agressive posure.The length from the toe to the head top is 14 " / 35 [...]

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