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Dear customers,

I'm writing this to announce my important business decision.

I deided to close KAIJU JAPAN at the end of March 2020.

Please check the site especially if you have some store credit.

(I heard new items are coming in Dec and Jan)


Order from KAIJU JAPAN site: available until the end of March 2020.

Pre-order items after March: to be shipped after April when the maker is ready.

Contact (e-mail & facebook page): Available for some time after the last customers receive items.

Here are SPECIAL COUPONS for blog readers

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$3 OFF for $100+             KW5B01HE9KI2

8% OFF FOR $1,200+      A7J2X527E90M


If you have any question about items and / or orders, please feel free to contact me.

When I launched KAIJU JAPAN in 2015, I wanted to promote splendid works of Japanese Godzilla sculptors.

Through this business, I met many beautiful customers who always gave much love and trust to me.

The customers of KAIJU JAPAN showed respect and admiration for the sculptors.

In 4 years, my daughters, who were 5 and 3 years, grew up and my life and value have gradually changed.

Though I always loved my customers and respected the sculptors, I started to feel it difficult to continue this as a business.

It's sad to say goodbye to you all, but KAJU JAPAN was my great experience and have been large part of my identity.

Now my future after Apr 2020 is very free and open.

I'm a little bit afraid but am looking forward to finding my new life coming into my space.

Thank you for your great support!

I'll enjoy last 3 months with you all!



KAIJU JAPAN - Original Godzilla kits from Japan -

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